ELEMENTAL: Business Alchemy with Mercury in Virgo

ELEMENTAL: Business Alchemy with Mercury in Virgo

Aeolian Heart

This is your chance to get on the Mercury current!

In this class, you'll get to participate in a global group ritual of dedication to Mercury in Virgo.

I also share the best practical and magical tips that I used to launch a successful online business!

After you take this class, you'll know how to:

  • Synthesize your passion, message and hard work to bring your vision into form and launch a successful business
  • Apply an alchemical business model to your work that will increase creativity, productivity, and sales.
  • Create a business from the heart that allows you to do you what you love and find your tribe!

And, of course, it features in-depth esoteric philosophy, mind-expanding meditations and, of course, a global group dedication to Mercury in Virgo!

You'll receive:

  • a 90min+ video lecture
  • a fully-illustrated eBook
  • instructions for performing the ritual of dedication to Mercury in Virgo (plus a beautiful recording of the ritual by your lovely classmate Bettie Noire!)
  • a questionnaire that will help you better understand yourself as a creator
  • useful information + inspirational resources

Take your business to the next level. Get ELEMENTAL.

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