HARVEST: The Magic of the Moon

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Keep reading if you want to find out why the Moon can drive you crazy. 👇

Because the answer will shock you.

Despite the good press the Moon gets in practical magic circles...

...it isn't the nurturing goddess it's made out to be.

The Moon is like a puppeteer, pulling on your deepest emotions like it pulls on the ocean tides.

And it turns you into a slave to your repressed desires.

The Moon turns you into a sleepwalker, mindlessly following every unconscious impulse that pops up.

If you don't awaken to your full human potential...

...then the Moon feeds off your unconscious energy, like a parasite feeds off its host.

When you stay a victim of the Moon, it's why your...

  • addictions get started in the first place—and why you can't seem to shake them once they've got their hook in
  • obsessions grow so big you think you can't function without the person, place or thing that "makes you whole"
  • depression consumes you to the point that you can't even find a good reason to get out of bed in the morning
  • anxiety eats away at your sanity so that you're can't find any peace no matter how many f#$%ing yoga classes you take
  • self-sabotage pops back up when you're about to succeed—even though you "cleared" it with EFT or somatic therapy

...and the cycle repeats ad infinitum until you're a stark raving lunatic.

What is Moon magic?

Moon magic is NOT a secret hack to manifest your deepest desires.

If you've been reading this email closely...

...then you already know your true desires are obscured by the external influence of the Moon.

That thing you THINK you want is probably a distraction—a delusion caused by the Moon's external power over you.

It's how the Moon feeds off you. How it keeps you in a cycle of obsession, addiction and self-sabotage.

But you can break this cycle through "self-remembering."

You've got to create the Moon within yourself—an inner power that takes the place of external lunar influence.

That's what real moon magic is all about.

And it's why I'm offering you one last chance to ​save $50 on my Moon magic masterclass HARVEST before I take it off the shelf.

Before you call me a lunatic, please hear me out!

HARVEST is one of the most popular classes that I've offered.

I was inspired to offer it after clients kept coming to me asking me for New Moon magic spells...

...and soon I was overbooked with referrals who heard about the results their friend's moon magic spell got and wanted one of their own.

But my calendar got so full that you couldn't get a spot for months out.

So I created this 1-hour moon magic workshop to free up my time.

Since 2017, over 500 students have experienced life-changing results from the magic in HARVEST.

But I've learned a lot since I first offered HARVEST.

And it's time for a reboot.

So I'm redesigning it from the ground up.

But the new program won't open until next year!

Which is why I'm offering you one last chance to ​save $50 when you get HARVEST before it's discontinued.

​When you get HARVEST now,​ you'll learn my surefire paint-by-numbers formula for setting the perfect intention with the New Moon.

  • Discover how to craft potent Moon magic talismans so that you can let go of fear and manifest your true desires—without those pesky shadow influences getting in the way!
  • The secret to prepare for lunar transits that affect you personally so you can know when to set intentions and cast spells or lay low and take it easy
  • The single most important lunar phase you need to follow so you can overcome your unconscious blocks to unlock your full creative potential

These are magical secrets that I only share with my top 1-on-1 clients.

If you wanted to learn them, you could pay me $500 for a natal chart reading—but you won't even be able to get on my calendar until next year.

And I charge $6000 for my 1-on-1 coaching program—and there's a waitlist for that, too!

But for only $47 today, you can learn the moon magic secrets that I only share with my top clients.

You could wait until next year, when I launch the upgraded version of HARVEST—and pay full price at $997.

You could wait until next year, when I launch the upgraded version of HARVEST.

🌙 But how much longer can you put up with the spell of lunacy that the Moon's got you under?

🌙 Where will you be next year if you don't do something to take back your power NOW?

🌙 Will you even be able to show up for yourself enough to decide when it's time change?

Or you can get HARVEST for only $47 now so you can set intentions with the New Moon to call your power back to you.

Plus, when you join HARVEST today, you'll get a voucher to join the upgraded program when it launches next year for free. ($997 value!)

So if you're ready to break cycle of lunacy, then the time is NOW.

And your next step is a no-brainer.

Get HARVEST while you still can.

HARVEST includes:

  • 1-hour video training on the secret of real Moon magic that works
  • Audio version of HARVEST so you can download to listen while you're on the go
  • Fully illustrated pdf version of HARVEST so you can print out for deeper study
  • BONUS!! 150 page book that'll teach you everything you need to know about astrology so prepare for lunar transits that'll affect your natal chart

Click "Add to cart" below so you can get HARVEST while it still lasts. 👇

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HARVEST includes a one hour video training (w/ audio & pdf version) + BONUS! Astrology book so you can learn how to read your natal chart

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HARVEST: The Magic of the Moon

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