SPIRITUALIZED: a journey into magical consciousness

SPIRITUALIZED: a journey into magical consciousness

Aeolian Heart

SPIRITUALIZED is a heart-first dive into the weird world of Hermetic chaos magic.

You'll learn how to apply the alchemical formula solve et coagula to your magical transformation in a practical way.

You'll walk through the 7 stages of alchemy, open the 7 chakras and awaken the 7 planetary energies that govern the universe.

You'll initiate your alchemical transformation and catalyze your transmutation through shadow work, sex magic, altered states of consciousness and more.

Through ritual magic, lab work, guided meditation and study + exercise, you'll clear your energetic pathways so you can raise yourself to a vibrational state that resonates with your highest good.

By the end of the end of this course, you will be in perfect alignment with the universe and in harmony with your true will.

Here's what alumni are saying

"I highly, highly recommend this course. A very personal deep dive into relating to planetary energies. It feels like a veil dropping, and suddenly everything in your life takes on a new perspective and illumination." Amanda G.

"I've done alchemical lab work, studied Hermeticism and related occult matters about 25 years... but I'm delighted with the dimensions of understanding you've opened up for me in this course! I expected a supplement to my own prior alchemy projects... More than a supplement, this course provided a whole scenic back-drop on which to upload new techniques in a supportive and non-pressuring way. It was life transforming!" Heather

"I wanted to be guided through alchemical teachings to make them real for me, not just something I read about. Class totally delivered!" Christine

What you need to know about SPIRITUALIZED

Traditional alchemy is rooted in long hours of difficult and painstaking lab work.

In SPIRITUALIZED, your lab is your body and mind, and the Great Work is performed through ritual magic and guided meditation.

You are encouraged to work through the material at your own pace. At no point will you be pressured to "keep up" or shamed for working at a speed comfortable to you.

Here's what you'll get:

  • Thought-provoking lessons on planetary energies to inspire your alchemical transformation (Text + Audio)
  • Instructions for performing the ritual magic/lab work to anchor your alchemical transformation in the world of matter (Text)
  • Meditations to guide your soul through its transmutation in the world of the imagination (Text + Audio)
  • Magical exercises to help you catalyze your transformation—including shadow work, sex magic, altered states of consciousness, and more!

More praise for SPIRITUALIZED

"Every lesson synchronized with my life... It really brought me on a journey through alchemy and I experienced it first hand in my own life. For me, words don't teach. But I do believe energy can be transferred through words when someone has infused them with their imprint. The stronger the imprint the more impact, and my energy shifts significantly with Aeolian Heart's courses. A wonderful vehicle for your most beautiful understandings and experiences." Danielle

"It was more amazing and deep than I could have imagined. I don't want it to end." Amanda

"It exceeded my expectations. I love that it is accompanied with a lot of rituals and practices." Jolana

"I knew that it was going to be chock full of bomb stuff and it really was! I couldn't believe how jam packed it was with amazing content!" Nikki

"It's paradigm shifting." T.


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SPIRITUALIZED is a unique blend of ancient alchemy & modern magic